HubSpot Data: How to preserve your contacts 'Create Date' post CRM migration

Enhance post-migration reporting precision by pinpointing the 'Original Create Date' of a contact.

Ever felt the frustration of HubSpot's Create Date messing up your attribution reports after CRM migrations? You're not alone!

The uneditable default property can be a head-scratcher, with old leads infiltrating new reports, skewing the historical data you rely on. It becomes a bit of a headache when dealing with a hefty data import—so how do you accurately report on the original data? We've got an easy solution...

  1. Go to Settings > Properties > Create a new field named Original Create Date.
  2. Reflect this name change in your spreadsheet for import. 
  3. Import your data as you usually would, making sure to link Original Create Date.
  4. To ensure accurate reporting in both marketing and sales, set the Original Create Date field as the default instead of the HubSpot create date. 
  5. Incorporate the Original Create Date field into all reports. This includes reports related to leads generated by source, time to close, and other relevant metrics in both marketing and sales reporting.

By following these steps, users can enhance the accuracy of your reporting in HubSpot after CRM migrations or data imports.