HubSpot Sales: How to easily hand over sales notes to the rest of the team

Use snippets to streamline your internal communication

Imagine a sales handover process where you can effortlessly structure and convey crucial information using a simple hashtag. Say goodbye to the days of digging through long emails or searching for scattered details in random documents!

With our snippet hack, you can create a quick, standardised format that appears instantly when you use the appropriate hashtag, like #handover. This means no more guesswork, no more confusion – just a streamlined, efficient process that saves you time and sanity.

Here are the steps or watch Lily explain in a video below:

  1. Navigate to "Conversations" in the navigation.
  2. Click on "Snippets."
  3. Press "Create Snippet."
  4. Name the snippet and enter relevant text. For this example we used a series of questions.
    1. What are your challenges?
    2. Why did they need to buy our services?
    3. If this all went well what happens next?
    4. Who will sign this off?
    5. Next Steps?
  5. Create a shortcut (e.g., #handover) and save the snippet.
  6. Open the desired contact record.
  7. Create a note in the contact record using the hashtag and fill in the predefined questions.
  8. Pin the note to ensure visibility at the top of the contact record.
  9. Optionally, tag relevant team members for awareness.

With just a few simple steps, you can transform the way your team handles information, making handovers a seamless and organised experience.