HubSpot Data Management: Manage your database hygiene on one dashboard

You’ve got your HubSpot portal configured to run your processes perfectly and spent all that time making sure your data is clean… but how can you make sure it stays that way? Find out how to set up a dashboard to keep tabs on it.

Dashboards are often used to run a range of reports from lead generation to sales progress, but they can also be used for internal administration. Take some time to set up a data hygiene dashboard and effectively, it should always be blank.

Top tips: set the dashboard to email itself to you once a week or once a month (however often you want to monitor it!). If you want to extend your dashboard to cover a third party tool so you have a view of everything, use HubSpot’s “add external content” tool to embed the information you need.


Author: Gem Rugg-Gun

HubSpot Platform Consultant and Team Lead