A bit about me

I’ve worked at BabelQuest for over 6 years now, starting out as an Inbound Marketer, then a Strategist and then moving into our Expert Practices team when it was established. I’m still there, working as a HubSpot Platform Consultant to help clients to scope, build and maintain a HubSpot portal that works for you and meets your goals.

I’ll happily term myself as a HubSpot nerd who gets genuinely excited at new product updates and I specialise in HubSpot as a platform, plus reporting, data and automation. I also have a particular interest in Revenue Operations and in 2020 graduated with an MBA from Oxford Brookes having written my final dissertation on this.

Clients I've worked with

My Content

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About my role

Every day is different in Expert Practices! One day I could be running a scoping workshop and the next I could have my head in a really complex workflow trying to fix a problem with it. Some of the things I’ve been doing recently are:

  • Scoping out and building a multi-brand HubSpot portal using business units to keep them segmented but with the ability to report across all of them.

  • Setting up dashboards to track data hygiene within a portal to keep it clean and organised.

  • Building a custom object to track a client’s equipment catalogue, so they could market to associated contacts with the right messaging at the right time to encourage renewal and upsell.

  • Training teams to use HubSpot in a range of ways from specific reporting training to using Deals or administrating a particularly complex portal.

  • Doing an audit of an existing portal and coming up with an action plan to clean it up in line with the client’s pain points and goals.

  • Aligning the customer lifecycle across HubSpot and an integrated Salesforce instance.

  • Configuring lead scoring to effectively automate lead>MQL for a client with high lead volume and incorporating the ability to use that scoring to track ongoing engagement and prioritise sales and marketing nurture activity for target accounts.

Reviews for my work

Excellent partner for support with scaling your HubSpot Environment

Gem was excellent at helping us review our existing HubSpot Environment to see where there were gaps, as well as helping onboard multiple departments in our company on the functionality of HubSpot. I would definitely recommend BabelQuest for any company looking to scale up their HubSpot account.

Cailin Sadler | Growth & Digital Marketing Manager | Kneat Solutions

Reliable - Trustworthy - Proffesional

I thought it would be fair to take a few minutes to feedback on my recent experience with Babelquest. Since we started working with Gem, it has been a bless and it has reminded me why I have decided to choose Babelquest in the first instance for HubSpot delivery. Her professionalism, her customer friendly approach, the way in which she is easily planning/ prepping for the meeting, provides info and resources and most importantly- she is listening to her customer needs - is absolutely impeccable and impressive! Gemma is is such a pleasure to work with and whilst we have been able to plan ahead and stick to an agreed delivery plan to fit both sides, I’ve also felt that I’ve benefited from her flexibility and always has shown availability for best practice sharing and access to useful tricks that I could have only hoped for. She is a real gem that you guys are lucky to have on board. Many thanks for your super work and reliability and always going over and above for us. You are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Larisa Lucaciu | Consultant | 4D

Excellent service

Gem has been excellent throughout the entire process, and I couldn’t be happier with BabelQuest’s support so far.

Jack McGuire | Marketing Specialist | ISTARI

A 5 star service, babel quest will help you grow

Babel Quest have been working with VFE now for around one year and they have been great investment for us. Both the traffic to our website as well as the number of direct requests converting into business opportunities and sales has increased due to the excellent marketing content and social posts that babel quest have generated. If your are looking for a marketing company to help you grow your business then we would highly recommend them.

Adrian Goodbrand | Director of Sales and Marketing | Vacuum Furnace Engineering Ltd

Excellent product knowledge and guidance all through our CRM project

After talking to a few providers of HubSpot we settled on using Babelquest as their enthusiasm for the product was clear to see. At every stage from initial concept, through workshop and design they have been such a key part of our project and provided much insight, guidance and most importantly experience. I would heartily recommend using Babelquest if you have any HubSpot requirements, you can trust they will deliver.

Jonathan Bushell | Head of IT | Student Roost

Best Marketing We Have Ever Had!

BabelQuest have been absolutely fantastic to work with! Our marketing strategy and the content we are now putting out has gone from 0 to 100! And the resulting leads and new business speaks for itself! In the past year of working together we have built a great relationship with the BabelQuest team,excellently lead by Gemma and Bridget and backed up by fantastic resources in the shape of Gem, Tom and Chris! I look forward to continue to work with BabelQuest and continue to grow the VFE brand!

Slater Jinkinson | Head Of Sales at Vacuum Furnace Engineering Ltd Vacuum Furnace Engineering Ltd Loughborough University Greater Leicester A | Vacuum Furnace Engineering Ltd

A great team to work with

I've been working with BQ throughout 2021, having started the conversation in the summer of 2020. From the very start I have found their team to be extremely diligent and professional. I'd recommend BQ to any company looking to on-board HubSpot solutions

Stuart Edmondson | Head of Marketing | Ensign

New to BabelQuest and HubSpot

We have started our HubSpot journey through BabelQuest. The level of professionalism and flexible support though the sales and then onboarding process has been very impressive. We at VFE, are really looking forward to BabelQuest's support with unlocking VFE's growth potential - thank you so much.

David Byrne | CEO | Vacuum Furnace Engineering Ltd

Data clean up Strategy

Gem at BabelQuest was instrumental in supporting us to come up with data clean up strategy and plan of attack. There were many points of consideration and nuances which meant it wasn't a straight forward solution, but we worked together came up with a plan that's still being implemented 9 months on. The team are very experienced, helpful and passionate about what they do, that we've been back in touch when we needed support on other areas as well. Highly recommend the team.

Kara Staegemann | Global Marketing Information Systems Manager | Symphony RetailAI

Experts in their knowledge of HubSpot

Q Associates have been working with BabelQuest for nearly a year now and their expert knowledge of HubSpot is second to none. The team of Gem, Alice and Bridget are efficient and highly knowledgeable and happy to help where-ever they can. Their help videos are fabulous - thanks ladies! Would definitely recommend

Karen Beal | Marketing and Events Coordinator | Q Associates

VP, Global Digital Marketing

Working with Babel Quest has been incredible, they are an innovative and dynamic team who have helped us achieve several of our international marketing goals. Gem, Chris, Dan and Loren are very skilled in their areas and I can routinely count on them to deliver. I would certainly recommend Babel Quest!

Tigist Ketema | Vice President, Global Digital Marketing | COGENCY GLOBAL

Excellent system design and project management

We worked with Babelquest on an Enterprise environment for 20 schools within our group. Working directly with Eric, Gem and Chris. Excellent system design and project management throughout the entire process. Efficient team, excellent knowledge of HubSpot. Would highly recommend.

Liza Humphrey | Executive Director Global Admissions | GlobEducate

Quick, professional and incredibly helpful

I've been working with Gem at BQ for almost a year now and with no hesitation, I can wholeheartedly recommend them as a project and business partner. Knowledgeable, hands-on, quick, efficient - are only few ways to describe how great they are. On top of that you get flexibility, friendliness and transparency - put it all together and you'll get the best support you can ask for, regardless of your CRM / IT fluency.

Sylwia van Nieuwkerk | CRM & Marketing Automation Manager | CEG Digital

Knowledgeable and Comprehensive support

The team at Babblequest ( specifically Gem) are through and efficient with any request thrown there way. The needs of the individual business are always taken into account along with a strategic look at the bigger picture. Not only that they are a great and fun team tot work with.

Liza Wrigley | Digital Marketing Analyst | CEG Digital

Fantastic Service!

I've been working directly with Babelquest for a little over a year, and am always surprised by how quickly, and pleasantly my queries are resolved. Whilst I mainly speak with Gem (who is, as her name suggests, a gem!), everybody else at BQ that I have come into contact with has been wonderfully friendly and helpful. I cannot recommend these guys as partners enough!

Oliver Dawson | Operations and Channel Development Specialist | CEG Digital

Great knowledge and customer service

Within CEG, we have been working with Gem Latimer as our main consultant. She has brought a breadth of knowledge that has helped our business grow and expand, with her clear insights into how data should be represented, processed and cleaned-up.

Silvana K. Tafur Yasuda-Bakker | Director of Marketing, Demand Generatio | CEG Digital

Supportive and Knowledgeable

Working with Gem from Babelquest has been great, she has an extensive knowledge of HubSpot and has provided solutions to all of our needs.

Ben Timney | Senior Director of Technology | CEG Digital

Supportive and Knowledgeable

Working with Gem from Babelquest has been great, she has an extensive knowledge of HubSpot and has provided solutions to all of our needs.

Ben Timney | Senior Director of Technology and Partner Support | CEG Digital

Service excellence, consistently

It is a pleasure to deal with Eleni, Gem, Chris and the team. Their energy and enthusiasm is impressive. They are always approachable and react very quickly to our requests - going that extra mile, without question. They are genuinely passionate about helping us to achieve the very best results with our in-bound marketing. With BQ as a partner, we are in experienced and reliable hands.

Rebecca Christiansen | Senior Corporate Account & Customer Relations Manager | Infospectrum ltd

An absolute Gem!

Working with Gem at Babelquest is a joy. She keeps projects on track in the most professional and pleasant manner and her knowledge of HubSpot is enviable. Currently working on a new website launch within HubSpot and with tight deadlines it's very calming to know she's there working alongside us. I love it when work with agencies is such that you feel they are truly part of the team and not simply an external resource. This is how it is with Babelquest and it makes a far more efficient and effective working environment.

Suzanne Bull | Director of Content and Communications | CEG Digital

Fantastic Training Sessions!

A very helpful and extremely informative training session. Very friendly staff, Gem knew exactly what she was talking about, best practices and helped to solve pre-empted problems. We covered a huge range of topics in a very little time frame and I can happily say that I am now prepared to make the improvements to our inbound marketing strategy. Fab work!

Vanessa Gbadebo | Marketing Operations Manager | Gladstone Software

Sparkling clarity from Babelquest, now a HubSpot D

It was very exciting to be receiving training and advice from Babelquest on the very day that they discovered they had been awarded HubSpot Diamond status. We approached Babelquest for assistance with our HubSpot marketing, specifically sorting out our portal, email marketing, and re-engagement. The advice we have received has been top quality. We've immediately been able to put the advice into practice with visible results. Gem - a HubSpot accredited trainer - is a great communicator and patiently listened to our many, many, many questions! She quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and responded with the kind of sparkling clarity you would expect from a Diamond Partner. She has helped us understand the processes - and the underlying ideas and reasons for the processes - giving us a foundation of knowledge to go ahead with similar activities in the future.

Jane Tomlinson | Worldwide Marketing Co-Ordinator | Oxford Computer Training

Flexible, Efficient and Knowledgeable

Working with Babelquest has significantly improved our Digital Marketing presence as a company. We have worked closely with Becky, Eric, Gem and Tom on creating and executing our online Marketing Campaign. They have been flexible, efficient and most importantly, provided us with continuous insight and advice not only around HubSpot, but into Digital Marketing as a whole. We recommend Babelquest to any company looking to increase sales leads. A fantastic team to work with who all take the time to fully understand your company, continuously offering a bespoke service.

Katy Farrington | Marketing Manager | Unipart Logistics

HubSpot implementation made easy with Babelquest

Moving to a new marketing platform can be very daunting and Babelquest made it very smooth for us. I am very impressed by the team and love working with Gem, our inbound consultant. She has answers to all our questions!

Anne-Laure McLeman | |

Fantastic work by Gem and Hannah

Really has been fantastic working with Gem and Hannah from the team at BabelQuest. I'm a relatively seasoned HubSpot user, but they've been able to anticipate what I was going to request and have it set up for the team in a lightning-quick time when asked. Would 100% recommend!

Lloyd Musto | Senior Commercial Manager | Liberty Charge

Great work by Laura and Gem to achieve tight timelines and led the CEG team through the work.

Great - very professional. Very impressed with Gem's technical skills and Laura's management of the schedule. "Can do" attitude from both.

Adrian Booth | CIO | CEG Digital

My HubSpot Credentials and Certifications

What I love about BabelQuest

Working at BabelQuest means that I’m always learning. I get to work on a wide array of clients, doing a whole range of different types of things daily. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to learn HubSpot from the ground up, not just because I’ve worked here throughout its growth from marketing software to CRM platform, but also because I’m given so many opportunities to push it to its limits, speak to product managers, play with beta functionality, find ways to make things work and genuinely know it inside out. Having that freedom means you can fail fast and keep trying until you find solutions.

Not only that, but the culture at BabelQuest is great - I feel trusted to get on with my work and supported by great colleagues and management when I need to bounce ideas around or solve a particularly difficult problem. I am part of a fantastic team of experts who inspire me and help me to feel excited about the work we’re doing every day. I also love the fact that I effectively become an extension of my client’s team during a project or support contract.

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