HubSpot Pipeline: Notify multiple owners of changes to deal records

Keep your team aligned by sending automatic alerts to deal owners when 'Next Steps' get updated

Sales is a whirlwind of excitement, but juggling tasks and ensuring everyone's on the same page? That's a different ballgame! Fear not, because we're bringing you a nifty HubSpot hack that'll make your sales journey smoother.

Keep reading to find out how to create a "Secondary Deal Owner" property and an automated workflow that sends notifications when critical deal information, such as the 'Next step,' is updated.

  1. Create a property

    • Go to "Property" > "Deals" > "Create new property"
    • Called it "Secondary Deal Owner"
    • Select field type as "HubSpot Owner"
  2. Assign Secondary Owner to Deal
    • Now the property is created, go to your deal and click "Properties"
    • Assign secondary owner from the list
  3. Create a New Workflow:

    • On the top navigation menu, click on "Automation" and then select "Workflows."
    • Click on the "Create Workflow" button to start a new workflow.
    • Select "Deal-Based"
  4. Choose a trigger:

      • Choose an event and then when "Deal Property Changes" and select the 'Next step' property. Set this to occur when property "is known".
      • Turn re-enrolment on
    • Add Actions:

      • Click on the "+" button to add actions to your workflow.
      • Choose "Send Email" or "Send Internal Notification," depending on your preference. Or better yet, a slack notification!
    • Configure Notification Details:

      • Whichever method you chose, make sure to configure email or notification with the correct information.
      • Then specify the deal owner and secondary owner as the receivers.
    • Configure Additional Actions (Optional):

      • Optionally, you can add more actions to your workflow. For example, you might want to update properties, add tasks, or perform other actions based on the "Next step" update.
      Top tip: Create a property called "Next steps updated" and set the next action in this workflow to set a date against this property. Then you can report on how long it takes for next steps to change.
    • Review and Save:

      • Review your workflow settings to ensure everything is configured correctly.
      • Click on "Review" and then "Publish" to save and activate your workflow.

    Boom, you're live! Now, you can enhance collaboration and reduce the risk of oversights in the sales process.