HubSpot Sales: How to Reflect Activity from Sequences Against a Deal

Tag a deal "In Sequence" so you can see, at a glance, what activity is scheduled.

Managing your sales pipeline effectively in HubSpot can sometimes be challenging, especially when you're trying to keep track of which contacts are in email sequences and which deals need immediate attention.

Often, you may find that a contact is scheduled to receive emails, but the associated deal still shows "! No activity scheduled," leading to confusion and potential oversight.

To address this, you can implement a system to tag deals as "In Sequence" when one of the associated contacts is in a sequence. 

Step 1: Create a Custom Property on the Deal

  1. Navigate to settings:

    • Log in to your HubSpot account.
    • Click on the gear icon (Settings) in the main navigation bar.
  2. Go to properties:

    • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Properties under the Data Management section.
  3. Create a custom property:

    • Select the Deal properties tab.
    • Click on Create property.
    • Fill out the details:
      • Group: Deal Information
      • Label: Current Sequence
      • Field type: Single-line text
    • Click Next, then Create.

Step 2: Create a workflow to automate the process

  1. Navigate to workflows:

    • In your HubSpot account, go to Automation > Workflows.
  2. Create a new workflow:

    • Click Create workflow.
    • Choose Start from scratch and select Contact-based workflow.
    • Click Next.
  3. Set triggers:

    • Click Set enrollment triggers.
    • Choose Enrollment in a sequence as the trigger.
    • Select the specific sequence(s) you want to track.
    • Click Apply filter, then Save.
  4. Create an action to update the Deal Property:

    • Click the + icon to add an action.
    • Choose Copy property value.
    • Set Property to copy from to the sequence enrollment.
    • Set Property to copy to to the Current Sequence custom deal property.
    • Click Save.
  5. Review and activate:

    • Review your workflow settings.
    • Click Review, then Turn on to activate the workflow.

Step 3: Reset the Deal Property to "None"

  1. Clone the existing workflow:

    • In the Workflows dashboard, find the workflow you just created.
    • Click the Actions dropdown next to it and select Clone.
  2. Modify enrollment triggers:

    • Click Set enrollment triggers.
    • Modify the trigger to Unenrollment from a sequence.
    • Select the specific sequence(s) as needed.
    • Click Apply filter, then Save.
  3. Update the deal property:

    • Click the + icon to add an action.
    • Choose Set property value.
    • Set the Property to update to Current Sequence.
    • Set the value to None.
    • Click Save.
  4. Review and Activate:

    • Review the modified workflow.
    • Click Review, then Turn on to activate the workflow.

Step 4: Create a tag for the Deal

  1. Navigate to deals:

    • Go to Sales > Deals in your HubSpot account.
  2. Create a custom view:

    • Click on Create view.
    • Set filters to show deals where Current Sequence is known and not None.
      • Filter: Current Sequence | is known
      • Filter: Current Sequence | is not | None
  3. Save the View:

    • Name your view (e.g., "Deals in Sequence").
    • Click Save.
  4. Use the tag in Your Sales Process:

    • Now, you can easily identify and focus on deals with contacts currently in sequences by using this custom view.

By following these steps, you can effectively tag deals that have associated contacts in sequences, allowing you to better prioritise your sales efforts and ensure no deal is overlooked due to a lack of scheduled activities.



Author: Bridget Reid 

Principal Marketer