HubSpot CRM: How to save time making multi-value fields in a workflow

Bulk branch your workflow for multi-value fields like postcode, country, and more.

Have you ever wanted to create a workflow that branched off depending on country or postcode but realised you'd have to enter each one manually? We have.

Here is a quick and easy loophole to paste multiple values into a field...

  1. Demonstrating different postcodes in different cells on a spreadsheetCreate a spreadsheet with values listed in separate cells
  2. In the next column add a ';' to the cell so it should look something like the image
  3. Copy both columns and paste them into the workflow field and this will now create separate values within the same field
    The if/then branch in a HubSpot workflow

Use case examples

  • Lead routing to sales reps based on postcode or region to ensure MQLs are picked up quickly and efficiently
  • Job title mapping to identify the buyer persona if you're using a free text field
  • Enquiry form containing certain trigger words to send a series of nurture emails. For example synonyms of hospitality would trigger bespoke hospitality emails


Quick, easy but super impactful hack to help you save time when building your workflows!


Author: Bridget Reid 

Principal Marketer