HubSpot Sales: How to use snippets as an alternative to playbooks

Not got access to the playbooks feature? No problem, just use snippets!

If you have a limited subscription, you may only have access to 5 snippets and no playbook functionality. So, how can you ensure that you are making the most of what you do have? One way is to gather multiple mini-potential snippets and combine them into a single playbook-style snippet. 

By leveraging snippets in this new way you can ensure consistency for your sales team when they make calls, without paying for additional functionality!

Here's how to create a playbook snippet to use when sales teams make calls:

  • Click 'conversations' > 'snippets''conversations' > 'snippets'
  • Create snippet
  • Name it something appropriate, for this example we called it 'Discovery call playbook'
  • Fill in the framework/skeleton for the call notes
  • Write appropriate hashtag

Top tip: Add in a section at the beginning which has personalisation tokens of information you already know. This will mean you can edit it if needed to ensure your information is accurate.

How to use this snippet:

When you make a call to a potential prospect/lead you should, as best practice, have the contact record up in front of you. From here you need to: 

  • Click 'log a call'
  • Type shortcut and select the right playbook snipper
  • Start typing answers to each question as you talk to the prospect
    log a call

Now you've got the structure for your call and it will be recorded in a central, easy-to-find place!

The main limitation of using snippets instead of playbooks? You won't be able to update record fields from your snippet notes, which is a great playbook feature.


Author: Bridget Pyne

Principal Marketer