HubSpot Marketing: Use video to nurture marketing contacts

Using the workflow tool and video, discover how to nurture your contacts and generate closed business

Video is a widely popular tool that sales teams use to close business and attract new leads. But, have you ever thought about how marketing can utilise video as a tool to do the same? That's exactly what we did for one of our clients.

Our client was receiving a high volume of visitors downloading ebooks, posters and other gated collateral on their website but not booking meetings with the sales team. So rather than enrolling these contacts into the standard workflow, we experimented by creating and sending videos based on the topic of the content they downloaded. 

For example, for those who downloaded guides about food, we created videos around the food services our client offered.

To start with we identified all the key themes/areas which were popular with the website visitors. Taking these, we then drafted up scripts for three videos per theme:

  • Video 1: Introduction and top-of-the-funnel messaging
  • Video 2: Benefits of using our service and middle-of-the-funnel messaging
  • Video 3: Discount/offer and bottom-of-the-funnel messaging 

We then used one of our client's sales team to film each video and introduce themselves, talk about the services they offer and close with a message about getting in touch. 

Using the finished videos, we used the email functionality in HubSpot to create three separate emails which each featured a meeting link for the visitor to click on, as well as the allotted video.

Marketing Nurture Workflow

We then updated the existing workflow to feature our new emails, making sure there was a delay in between each step. To add an extra layer of complexity, we also ensured that if that visitor did request a meeting then they were taken out of the nurture workflow so they didn't receive any more emails.  

Once this was successfully up and running, we also set up some additional triggers for the nurtures. If certain target words were mentioned in the Contact Us forms then they also were sent the nurture emails. 

As a result, our nurture path is successfully converting at 6.5%. The next step will be to optimise messaging and experiment with more target words.