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HubSpot Campaigns: How to add external pages to campaigns

You can still run campaigns using external pages and track performance with this hack.

If you're running campaigns with external pages, such as for an event, and want to know how effective those pages are, then this hack is for you. Knowing how your assets are performing both internally and externally is crucial. So, let's dive into how you can bring all your event assets together and easily track their performance. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Click campaigns and add assets

When you are in your campaigns, you will want to head down to add assets. Scroll down to 'external website pages'. 


Add external pages to campaigns

2.  Add as many external pages as you need

When you are in there, you are able to add as many external pages as you like. This can be beneficial if you are promoting your event in various places or running an event jointly. 

Top tip: If you want the metrics we will talk about in the next step, then you need to add in the tracking code to the page. 

add external pages to campaigns 2

3. Monitor performance

Once you have added all the pages you need, then it's time to make sure you know how they are performing. There are a few key metrics you can monitor for external assets:

  • Sessions
  • Influenced Contacts
  • The deals and revenue

Now you have added everything you need and know exactly what metrics they are giving you in return, you have all you need to track your events efficiently. 


Mia-Jean Lee

Author: Mia-Jean Lee

Senior Digital Marketing Executive