Say Hello to: Mia-Jean Lee

Hi, I’m Mia-Jean Lee and I’m joining BabelQuest as a Digital Marketing Executive!

I have worked in Digital Marketing for a year now and have been given the fantastic opportunity to take on the role of Digital Marketing Executive for BabelQuest. Previously I have worked with various freelance clients and been the Digital Marketing Assistant for a small quality food company in Scotland.

Having just finished my Level 6 Diploma in Digital Marketing and currently completing various other courses, I have gained a passion for all things digital marketing. I love social media, especially Instagram!

What’s the role?

As the Digital Marketing Executive I will be working with the internal BabelQuest marketing team to build social media strategies, email campaigns, building landing pages, and much more.


What am I looking forward to?

I am looking forward to getting to know all my colleagues whilst expanding my knowledge and experience. Having minimal experience with HubSpot I am excited to learn about all its tools and create some juicy campaigns with it!


Outside of work, I like...

Anything outdoors! Living in Scotland I am surrounded by beautiful landscapes where I can explore, whether it be by running, snowboarding, or riding my horse. I love my pets, you will catch my attention at anything horsey or with cute dog pictures!

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We are hiring!

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