HubSpot CRM: How to route form submissions directly to their Account Manager

Use smart conditions to direct form submissions to the right Account Managers' meeting pages.

Are you tired of generic thank you pages that don't feel personal? Do you want to make sure your customers get directed to the right Account Manager for quick assistance? If so, this hack is for you.

We'll walk you through a simple URL routing trick to create personalised thank you pages that connect customers directly to their assigned Account Manager. 

  1. Navigate to your form by going along the navigation bar to "Marketing," then proceed to "Lead Capture," and finally click on "Forms."
  2. Once you've created your form make sure you are including the correct fields. For our example we want an "Account Manager" field. If you haven't done this, go to "Settings," then "Properties," select "Contact Property," and create a new property named "Strategic Account Manager." Note: This relies on the assumption that the "Account Manager" field is already filled in for your contacts; it won't set the property within the form itself.
  3. Return to your form settings and ensure that the "Account Manager" field is set to hidden. Keeping this field hidden is crucial as it should already be pre-set, minimising the chance of human error.

    Go to "Options" tab and under the available options, choose "Conditionally Redirect to a Scheduling Page."

  4. Create conditions based on the hidden field "Strategic Account Manager." For instance, if the field is any of "Bridget Pyne", route them to their scheduling page.
  5. Create fallback options, such as redirecting them to a generic scheduling page or a standard thank you page.

Top tip:

If this doesn't fit your business set up then simply adjust your form accordingly. For instance, instead of using the "Account Manager" field, consider adding "County" as a form field. Alternatively, if your operations span globally, use "Country" as a criterion instead. This way, you can tailor your thank you page routing to fit your specific needs with ease.

Bridget-HS-WebAuthor: Bridget Pyne

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