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HubSpot CRM: How to use Custom Objects to track training and adoption

Seamlessly create and manage your internal user training records with this step-by-step guide

The need to efficiently track and manage internal user training records is paramount, that's why we've implemented this user-friendly hack. Use HubSpot to it's fullest by upgrading to enterprise and creating custom objects to track and analyse your training activity.

Watch the video here or scroll down for written instructions. 

Step 1: Create a Custom Object

  • Open your HubSpot portal and navigate to the custom object section.
  • Click on "Create custom object" and choose a sensible name, like "HubSpot Internal Users."
  • Add a description for clarity and set the primary display property

Step 2: Set Up Associations

  • Create associations with relevant objects (e.g., projects) to establish connections.
  • Customise association labels if needed for clarity.

Step 3: Customise Record Layout

  • Tailor the left sidebar to display essential properties like user information, certifications, and training levels.
  • Arrange the properties in a logical order for easy access.

Step 4: Create Additional Properties

  • Explore the properties section to add more details to your custom object.
  • Get creative by using emojis to make the properties visually appealing and user-friendly.

Step 5: Build a Comprehensive Report

  • Design a simple, unsummarised data table report in the custom report section.
  • Include relevant data points such as username, training levels, and certifications.
  • Customise and filter the report as needed for a quick overview of user training needs.