HubSpot CRM: Why, How and When to Duplicate a Deal

Improve efficiency and user adoption within your sales team by streamlining the process of deal creation.

I bet you're wondering if it is possible to duplicate a deal? It is. But be careful. This is only appropriate for businesses that have a high number of custom properties on the 'create deal' form. Basically, if you have a good number of deals that would be the same each month then this hack is for you. 

You can utilise an app in the HubSpot App marketplace to build out this process, or you can create a workflow.  This is what we did for our client: 

How to step-by-step:

  1. Create a custom deal property called ‘Duplicate Deal?’ with a Yes/No dropdown option - this will also serve as the trigger for the workflow to create the duplicated deal.  
  2. In automations, click on workflows and create a new workflow (from scratch)
  3. Choose the ‘Deal-based’ option, click ‘Next’
  4. Choose your trigger. In this instance the trigger is ‘When filter criteria is met’ > Filtering on Deal > Deal Properties > search for Duplicate Deal? Is any of ‘Yes’ > Save
  5. To ensure that you don’t create an infinite loop of duplicated deals, check that the toggle to ‘allow deals to re-enroll after completing the workflow’ is off (in the Re-enrollment tab)
  6. Click on the + button to choose an action > choose CRM > Create record > Type of Record = Deal
  7. Check the information provided and decide what needs to be changed.  At this stage you will assign a name to the deal. 
  8. Top tip: Remember that a good naming convention will help with reporting.  We used Clone: Existing Deal Name. 
  9. You will also need to choose a stage of the pipeline that the deal will enter, best practise advice is to start the deal at the first stage - again for reporting purposes

10. To add more properties to the duplicate deal click on the ‘Add more properties’ box > ‘Copy a property to a deal’ > ‘Choose source deal property’ and select the correlating property in the ‘Choose target geal property’.  Repeat this with every property that you require copying to the newly created deal (duplicate deal) 

11. Click on the + button to choose an action; the next step is to inform the people internally that a deal has been created via a duplication > Communications > Send internal email notification.

12. Use the dropdown boxes to add a colleague/s, or team and then create the email body and subject line

13. To use the new deal name property as a personalisation token in the subject line or email body in the email make sure that you change the drop down box (insert data) from ‘Enrolled deal’ to ‘Action Outputs’ (under Action Properties)
Finally, check that there are no actions highlighted in any of the stages of the workflow and publish. 

While duplicate deals can be beneficial, it's important to have a strategy in place for managing them effectively. Here are some best practices to consider:

  • Regularly review and merge duplicate deals.
  • Establish clear naming conventions.
  • Provide training to your sales team on the importance of managing duplicate deals correctly. 

By following these best practices, you can effectively manage duplicate deals in HubSpot and maintain a clean and organised sales pipeline.


Carrie Jones

Author: Carrie Jones

Associate Platform Consultant and Onboarding Specialist