HubSpot Integrations: How to connect HubSpot and Trello

Set up your Trello integration and automate the creation of cards through workflows

In a perfect world, every team would be using HubSpot to manage their tasks and to do's but... that isn't reality. Some teams are like stubborn toddlers clinging to their favourite toys, aka project management tools.

That's why we created this hack to integrate HubSpot and Trello so that even whilst you're working on different platforms, you're still in sync with each other.

Step 1: Connect Trello

  • In your navigation, click the Marketplace icon and select App Marketplace.
  • Search for Trello
  • Click Install app
  • Click log in and then allow

Simple really? But what about actually using this integration in day to day life. Follow the next steps to utilise this further.

Step 2: Create Trello card

Use case: To notify the Content team when a deal has closed so they can write a blog which announces the business as a new customer

  • Navigate to Automation > Workflows > Create new workflow
  • Select Deal based
  • Select Trigger to be when property value changed > is Closed Won
  • Click icon
  • Scroll down the list to Connected apps > Create card
  • Select the appropriate board, for example "Blog schedule"
  • Fill out the title and description to match your naming conventions. For example, "New Customer Blog Announcement"
  • Click save!

Top tip: To add extra detail to the Trello card, use the Token dropdown menu to insert personalisation tokens like you would in an email.

More use cases:

  • When a contact gets marked as an advocate or evangelist, create a card to notify the content team to plan them into future content.
  • When a new person joins the team and their property is changed to employee, create a card to notify the designer to create them a new LinkedIn banner.
  • When a new customer is marked in the CRM, create a card to notify the Marketing team to send our a merchandise welcome package.
  • When someone fills in a form, create a card for the appropriate team to get in touch.
  • When a support ticket is created and contains the keyword "CMS", create a card that goes into the web team's Trello.

The possibilities are endless. The teams may be using different tools, but now, they're all part of your grand synchronised orchestra. Cue the curtain drop, and let the project management show begin!