HubSpot Marketing: How to create your own email homepage

With 100's of emails to crawl through, have you ever just wanted to head over to marketing hub and find the emails only you need to see in one place?

There are a few teams here at BabelQuest, and it's fair to say that we all send multiple emails a week. It can get a bit frustrating sifting through them all or trying to recall specific names to search for. That's where having your own email homepage can be a real time-saver.

1.  Create your homepage

Once you are in your email tool, head over to the little tab that says add views. Once you have created your view then it's time to personalise. 

Add view- email homepage

Top tip: Once you have created your new view you can also choose which teams this can be shared with, which is handy when it comes to making sure your team have access to only the emails they need to be concerned about. 

create the view- email homepage hack

2. Work through the filters to create your personalised view

When it comes to customising your home page, there are a few things you can work through to make sure you have everything you need to see right in front of you.

  • You can work through columns to make sure the data you are seeing about your emails is exactly what you need. For example:

edit collumn 1- email homepageedit collumn 1- email homepagecustom column 3- email homepage


  • You can also edit and filter various campaigns, email types (RSS, automated, etc) which users and teams can see these emails and also by subscription.

custom filters- email home page

3. Save and start seeing your emails in a new light

Once you have created your perfect homepage, it's time to save and you can shift the tabs around to switch between views.

save view- email homepage


Mia-Jean Lee

Author: Mia-Jean Lee

Senior Digital Marketing Executive