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HubSpot Reporting: How to build a master marketing dashboard in HubSpot

Capture all your key marketing metrics in one place with this master dashboard.

No ifs or buts - if you are using HubSpot for your marketing, you have to have this dashboard set up. You may already be looking at these reports, but having them all set up in one dashboard will save you so much time. There are lots of reports you might want to include that aren't listed here - it depends on your specific marketing strategy and what metrics are important for you - but here are the reports you should have on your dashboard as a minimum:


  • Traffic sources
  • Website page visits
  • Landing page visits
  • Blog views
  • Top blog posts by views
  • Top blog posts by CTA click-throughs


  • Total MQLs/SQLs generated
  • MQLs/SQLs generated by conversion point
  • Depending on how granular you want to get, you could even do conversions by industry/company size, etc. This is something we might review on a quarterly basis.

Social media

  • Website visits per channel
  • Engagements per channel

Email marketing

  • Overview of sent/open/click/click-through rate/reply rate for all emails in a particular timeframe
  • The above but for certain types of emails like follow-ups or nutures (for this to work you need to make sure you are strict with naming conventions - for example, all of our follow-up emails include 'FUE' in the title)

Paid ads

  • Impressions, contacts, deals for Google Ads or paid social

Knowledge base (if using)

  • Knowledge base visits per month 
  • Top performing posts by visits


Author: Hollie Higa

Head of Marketing