HubSpot Sales: How to Leverage Weighted Rotations in HubSpot Meetings

Use the new meeting tool to set up weighted rotations to prioritise meeting allocation for specific team members.

Distributing meetings fairly among your sales team is crucial for maximising efficiency and keeping everyone engaged. Luckily, HubSpot's Meetings tool now offers a powerful new feature: weighted rotations.

This feature allows you to move beyond the standard round-robin approach and assign weights to team members, ensuring meetings are distributed based on specific criteria.

  1. Head to Settings > Tools > Meetings > Meeting Rotations. This page displays all your existing rotations.HubSpot Hacks_Weighted Meeting Rotation

  2. You'll see a new column titled "Rotation Logic" indicating the current distribution method for each rotation. By default, rotations follow an "Even Distribution" logic, assigning equal meetings to all members.

  3. To set up a weighted rotation, you have two options:

    • Click the "Create meeting rotation" button to establish a new group with weighted distribution from the start.
    • Click the name of an existing rotation you want to modify. Clicking the "Edit rotation" button opens a side panel where you can adjust rotation settings.
  4. Locate the "Distribution Logic" section and use the radio button to choose "Weighted distribution" instead of "Even distribution." Note: Switching distribution logic resets booking counts to ensure accurate allocation based on the new logic. Click "Apply" to confirm.HubSpot Hack - Weighted meeting how to
  5. A new "Weight" column appears in the members table. Here, you can assign a relative weight to each member, indicating the meeting percentage they should receive compared to others.
    • Each member receives a default weight of 100%. This signifies an equal share of meetings if all weights remain at 100%.
  6. To prioritise specific members, increase their weight value. For example, setting one member to 150% and another to 50% allocates the first member three times the meetings compared to the second.

Top tip: You can temporarily pause a member by turning off their availability. This prevents them from receiving meeting suggestions but allows them to seamlessly rejoin with their assigned weight when reactivated.

By implementing weighted rotations, you can optimise meeting distribution within your sales team, fostering a more balanced and efficient workflow. Leverage this powerful feature to empower your team and maximise meeting impact!



Author: Bridget Reid 

Principal Marketer