Use dynamic personalisation tokens for effortless data input

Discover how to say goodbye to unnecessary steps and welcome streamlined, accurate data input

Ever found yourself clicking on a million buttons to finally get to where you need to be to update a property? Sometimes it can be like that - but no longer. This hack simplifies the process by providing a direct link to the exact property you want updated. Say goodbye to unnecessary steps and hello to streamlined data input!

Step one

Let's start by identifying what you're working with—be it a deal, contact, or company. Then, create a workflow. For this example, we'll do a contact owner.

Step two

Activate the magic by setting up a trigger that enrols a contact when the contact owner is known. This ensures that the right person gets the heads-up for the upcoming property update.

Step three

The next action in the workflow is to send an internal email to the contact owner. The body copy of this email is down to you but for this example we want to inform them that they've been assigned a new contact and explicitly instruct them to update a specific property. Importantly, include a personalised URL in the email that links directly to the record object in HubSpot using a personalisation token instead of the record ID. 

To get this link you need to:

  • Go to a contact record
  • Click view all properties
  • Find property. For example 'annual revenue'
  • Copy URL. It will look like this:
  • Paste into email
  • Replace individual record ID with a personalisation token. It will look like this:

HubSpot Hack - Personalisation Tokens - Record ID

By substituting the record ID with a personalisation token in the URL, the link will lead the contact owner directly to the relevant property on the record. This eliminates the need for them to manually navigate through the Record page, search for the property, and update it, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Use cases

  • Contacts - Once a customer has signed on, the journey is far from over; it's time to focus on continuous delight. One impactful way to achieve this is by understanding and respecting their preferred communication method.
  • Contacts/Company - For both Contacts and Companies, keep tabs on the client's "Tech Stack." Given the dynamic nature of technology, updating this property every six months ensures you're aware of any changes. 
  • Company - As renewal time approaches for a Company, consider tracking "Renewal Intent" versus "Closed Renewals." Empower your account manager or sales rep to regularly update the "Renewal Intent" property. This not only aids in forecasting but also provides valuable insights to coach your team effectively.
  • Deals - If you use Deals to track your demos and in-person meetings, consider a property for "Next Steps." After these interactions, prompt your sales rep to manually update this property. This simple step helps in tracking progress, ensuring that the team stays aligned on the next actions needed.

The list is endless, but what is clear is the role of manual data loading is not just still relevant; it's indispensable. While automation paves the way for streamlined processes, providing sales reps with direct access to properties ensures that the human touch remains an integral part of the sales journey.