HubSpot Automation: Template an event communications workflow

Hubspot’s workflow feature was used to template an automated process that sends out pre and post event communications. Comments on the placeholder actions were used to guide the user on utilising their cloned template.

An internet technology company required BabelQuest to build out an event communications automation template that their users could clone and utilise.

This was achieved using HubSpot’s workflow tool to create a contact-based workflow that was centred around a date. The workflow included placeholder actions to send out event communications - inclusive of invite, invite reminder, event reminder and post event recording and feedback request - along with time delays and if / then branches. Comments were used to add instructions on how the user should update each placeholder action on their cloned version of the template. These comments also include hyperlinks to other templated assets built within the HubSpot portal; lists and emails.  

The event communications workflow template allowed the process to be efficient and user friendly for the less confident members of the client’s team. 

Hannah Fisher portrait

Author: Hannah Fisher

HubSpot CRM Platform Consultant