A bit about me

My name is Hannah Fisher and I work as a HubSpot Platform Consultant at BabelQuest. My degree in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Lincoln highlighted my interest in the digital side of business, which motivated me to go on and become BCS Level 3 Digital Marketing and become MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals certified. I was introduced to CRM technology through a role I was in in 2018 and my love for HubSpot began.
I’ve spent the past four years implementing HubSpot CRM and inbound methodologies in businesses across various industries, to align marketing, sales and service teams and enable clients to get the most out of the platform.

My Content

How we: Integrated HubSpot with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Opus)

HubSpot data sync was used to configure a two-way sync connecting HubSpot with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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BabelQuest's CRM Platform Consultant on the 2 Core Foundations of an Effective Data Management Strategy

Focusing on two core data management foundations, which can be carried out routinely, will help you unlock insights that can drive the right business decisions.

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The Key to HubSpot Admin? Managing Change Requests [NOT in a Spreadsheet]

You might know this feeling all too well: your HubSpot portal has been around for a while, and although when you first set it up, it was organised and functional, over time it has started to become an unwieldy mess.

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How to: Use a custom object to set goals and forecasting against margin in your HubSpot portal

A client had the requirement for the sales managers to be able to set and view the forecast for monthly margin goals for their sales reps. Here is how we created a custom object to achieve this.

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How we: Templated an event communications workflow

Hubspot’s workflow feature was used to template an automated process that sends out pre and post event communications.

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How we: Built a change request process in HubSpot

How HubSpot's Service Hub features were used to track and manage an internal change log process.

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How we: Set up a Business Unit to partition a HubSpot portal

Business Units allows users to manage multiple brands from one HubSpot account. We set one up to regionally partition a client's Enterprise portal.

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About my role

As a HubSpot CRM platform consultant, I will work with existing and new clients on HubSpot implementation, integration and migration projects.

On any typical day, I might be:

  • Map out integrations between HubSpot and other Apps to connect a businesses tech stack
  • Scope out the ideal CRM configuration to ensure maximum UI, data compliance and end-to-end reporting capabilities
  • Build custom objects to align HubSpot to the unique set-up of a client’s business
  • Strategise how automation can be utilised to streamline business process
  • Design and build custom reports and reporting dashboards to answer the questions key stakeholders want answers for

My HubSpot Credentials and Certifications

What I love about BabelQuest

I love being part of a working community where every member of it strives to be the best they can be. 

Everyone is committed to delivering the best results possible for clients and we all have a shared passion for ongoing personal development, which we are fortunate to have dedicated time for blocked out in our work calendars. 
The benefits of being part of an Elite HubSpot Partner Agency which is recognised for its contribution to the company by HubSpot itself are second to none; being in the know on upcoming updates, respected enough to be included in product team conversations and have close relationships with the HubSpot employees who are supportive when asked to assist in solution designing. 

Flexible working has had a HUGE impact on the work-life balance I have, boosting my mental health to perhaps the most positive place it has ever been in my working career. Being trusted to plan and manage my own workload around the other important areas of my life is wonderful. 

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