HubSpot Marketing: How to automatically send a post-Zoom surveys

Want to know exactly what people thought of your webinar but don't have time to manually send it? Here's how to do it automatically.

Step 1: Set up integration

Ensure your zoom integration is turned on syncing correctly. See our other hack on how to do this.

Step 2: Create property

  • Go to Settings > Properties > Create Property
  • Select drop-down select as field type 
  • Name it 'Webinar Survey Send'
  • Add 'Yes' and 'No' as options

Step 3: Create workflow

  • Go to automation then workflow and create workflow from scratch 
  • Set up the trigger to be when an event occurs
  • Select trigger as property changed > select 'Total number of webinars attended' is greater than or equal to 1
  • Add action > Change property value 
  • Select 'Webinar Survey Send' is 'Yes'
  • Add delay 24 hours
  • Add action > Clear property value > Select 'Webinar Survey Send
Top tip: Adding a delay of 24 hours allows the survey to be sent automatically via the survey automation in step 4. You need to clear the value afterwards so that the contact can be re-enrolled if they sign up to another webinar in future.

Step 4: Send survey

  • Go to your survey and build out your requirements
  • Click on recipientscontact - recipients
  • Click 'Start from scratch' > 'Create criteria'
  • Select property 'Webinar Survey Send' is 'Yes'
  • Ensure the box for 'When the recipient meets the criteria' is tickedSurvey options example
  • And ensure these boxes are ticked for re-enrolment
    Re-enrolment example
  • Click publish! 

This hack is great for when you have regular webinars being run by multiple people but you want to ensure consistency. Taking the manual element out of the process removes the risk of human error whilst ensuring your team get timely feedback from those who attended.


Author: Bridget Reid 

Principal Marketer