HubSpot CRM: How to Track Contacts That Leave a Company in HubSpot

Ensure your CRM is clean and up to date when contacts move to a new company.

Keeping your contact clean is a number one priority, but what happens when an employee leaves and you want to reflect that in your CRM? Well, we want to make sure we keep their history and associations even after they leave a company to help sales with context.

By following these steps you can ensure you're tracking contacts who switch companies.

  1. Go to the contact object in HubSpot and then down to associations tab and click "Create Association Label."
  2. Choose “A pair of labels” and name them something relevant. We like “Old Employee” and “Old Company.”
  3. Access the contact record you need to update and hover over the association card, click "More," then "Edit Association Labels."
  4. Select the “Old Company” option.
    • This retains the contact's data, preserves the link with the previous company, and maintains the activity history.
  5. If you know the contact's new company, navigate to their record. Hover over the company association card, click "Add." Add or create the new company and set it as the primary association.
  6. Add the new email address if available.

You now have an up to date CRM with contextual history categorised for future communication! 


Author: Bridget Reid 

Principal Marketer