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HubSpot Marketing: Use HubSpot calendar to improve content production

Keep in control of your content process and always know when a blog post is due with HubSpot’s in-built calendar function.

In the world of content, keeping control of your publishing schedule is half the battle.

The most professional blogs are those that put out a dependable, repeatable stream of content. Your readers learn to come back again and again for the insights they need.

But as any marketer or content creator knows, staying on top of everything is easier said than done. With HubSpot’s Calendar tool in your pocket, it becomes that much simpler.

Step 1: Navigate to the Marketing Calendar

In your HubSpot portal, in the main menu, go to Marketing > Campaigns.

In the upper left of the page, click the “Calendar” tab.

Step 2: Choose how to view your Marketing Calendar

In the top left, select the first dropdown and select “Month”, “Week”, or “Day” (“List view” coming soon) to change how you view your calendar.


To automatically navigate to today's date, click “Today” in the top left of the page.

To navigate between different months, weeks, or days, click the left/right arrows in the top right-hand corner of the calendar. 

Step 3: Populate your Marketing Calendar

To create a new task directly in the calendar, hover over the desired date then click the plus icon (+). This date will automatically become the “Due date”.

In the “Create task” pop-up, populate the title of the task, the task type, a campaign with which the task is associated, and to whom the task is assigned. Include any notes in the text box below.

Step 4: Filter your marketing calendar  

In the top left, select and apply your filters by checking the tick boxes to only display specific marketing events.

  • “View” shows you any previously saved marketing calendar views you created.  
  • “Campaign” lets you filter your calendar entries by their associated campaign.
  • Use “Type” to filter your calendar entries by a specific type of event. If you only wanted to see calendar entries tagged as blog posts or social posts, for example, you would select this filter.

Anyone with access to the calendar tool (and the relevant user permissions to view the content types) will be able to better organise their day-to-day activities around its entries.

This includes getting visibility over when a blog post is due to be published, when the post will be promoted over social media, or when emails promoting the post are due to be sent.



Author: Dr. Thomas Brown

Principal Copywriter