HubSpot Automation: A reminder when downloaded assets are not viewed

Find out how to build the simplest workflow to remind people to view the resource they have downloaded from your website

You've created great content and spent a lot of time promoting it. Someone has downloaded it, got distracted, and never actually read it. Your sales team might be following up, but if they aren't sales ready you'll still want to make sure they are engaged with your content. Here's how HubSpot can help:

Create workflow which looks like this:

Hack FUE chaser 1

If you want to add an extra step, you could wait a week (or however long you like) to see if they have engaged with the resource, and send another reminder if not:

Hack FUE chaser 3

There are lots of ways you could extend this, but that's a really simple way to get things started!


Author: Hollie Higa

Head of Marketing