HubSpot CMS: Using saved Section blocks to populate pages quickly

Here is how you can save time adding content to your HubSpot CMS pages.

The flexibility that HubSpot CMS delivers in terms of the use of templates and modules is fantastic for the vast majority of non-technical marketing professionals. They can look at a new page of content and quickly pull in the required modules to represent the information in a brand-consistent way. 

Building each page still takes time, however, and many pages in a website contain similar combinations of content blocks all within one section of the webpage.  When you have built the same section for the tenth time it can get a bit draining. 

So here is a hack using HubSpot’s ‘clone section’ function that can be quite hard to spot if you don’t know it is there!

1) Build your first section

In this image, you can see that there is a combination of image and content blocks all sitting within one section.  I like the layout and I would like to use:

  • Exactly the same content on a different page
  • Exactly the same content layout but I will then update the text and images for the new page

2) Save the Section 

Click around the edge of the section to select the entire section. You should see a line appear around the section with a series of small icons in the top corner (pictured). 

Select the drop down arrow on the right of the icons and select “Save Section”

A window appears on the right side of the screen. 

Give the section a meaningful name and an even better description so that when you want to pull in a saved section, you know which one it is. 

Click the orange Save button to secure your information. 

3) Pull the saved Section into a page

Hover over the section under which you want to add your saved section. You should see the “+” mark in the middle. 

Click the “+” and you will see a window open on the right of the screen and give you the option to select a saved section or any of the standard theme sections. 

Hover over the saved section you want and press the select button that appears over the top of the section image. 

The saved section will appear on your page. 

Now, doesn’t that save quite a bit of time?


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Author: Vaughn Armstrong

Principal CMS Consultant