HubSpot CRM: How to use keywords to track and report on out of scope work

Are you struggling to keep track of out-of-scope work or common requests? This clever hack simplifies the process using HubSpot reporting, allowing you to monitor specific keywords across your CRM activities like tasks and notes.

Why is this important? By diligently tracking keywords like #outofscope or #extrarequest, you gain valuable insights to inform critical decisions. For instance, you can compile quarterly reports to adjust pricing structures or initiate necessary discussions.

Here's how to implement it: 

Start by agreeing on the keywords to use and where they should be utilised – whether in note bodies, meeting summaries, or call logs. Then, communicate these guidelines to your team and encourage consistent keyword usage.

  1. Navigate to the Reports section in HubSpot and access the custom report builder.
  2. In the custom report builder, configure data sources by selecting both the contact and activities data sources.
  3. Set up filters to include data that matches any of the selected keywords. For example, filter activities where notes contain the keyword #outofscope.
  4. Customise the layout of your report to display relevant information, such as contacts who have used the keyword and where it was used (e.g., notes, tasks).
  5. If desired, add the report to your dashboard for easy access and monitoring. You can also explore different visualisation options to suit your preferences.

By following these steps, you can effectively track keywords like #outofscope across your CRM activities, enabling you to gain insights and make informed decisions based on the data collected.

For a detailed walkthrough, watch the video linked below;


Carrie Jones

Author: Carrie Jones

Associate Platform Consultant and Onboarding Specialist