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HubSpot Automation: Establish alignment and cross-functional visibility by sending internal notifications to an Account Manager when a client submits a ticket

Keeping account managers in the loop when their customers are in contact with support is crucial, especially when different support packages are offered.

A ticket-based workflow is automatically triggered when a ticket with status “New” is created. 

This workflow then sends a notification to the corresponding account manager using the associated contact property “Contact Owner”. 

We use email as the notification channel, but you could use text, in-app or even to MS Teams or Slack channels.The email notification contains details of the contact raising the ticket, their company, a description of the work and timeline.

By receiving these notifications in real-time, the account manager can easily monitor the volume of requests from a client, and by implementing this workflow, your organisation can ensure that account managers are aware of any customer interactions and can take the necessary actions to maintain the high level of service expected.


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Author: Amy Brierely

Strategic Account Manager