HubSpot Lists: How to Get Alerted When You Reach Your Marketing Contact Tier

Prevent unexpected costs by setting up an alert to notify you when you're approaching your marketing contact limit.

Reaching your marketing contact limit in HubSpot can impact your marketing efforts and costs. To ensure you stay within your limit and have time to adjust your contact list as needed, setting up an alert in HubSpot is essential. Follow these steps to create a notification system for when you're approaching your marketing contact limit.

  1. Click on CRM > Lists from the drop-down menu
  2. Click the Create list button > choose Active list as the type of list you want to create. This type of list updates automatically as your contacts' properties change.
  3. Name your list something like "Marketing Contact Alert."
  4. Click on the Filters section to add a filter to your list.
  5. Under Contact properties, search for Marketing contact status.
  6. Set the filter to is any of Marketing contact. This ensures the list includes only contacts marked as marketing contacts.
  7. Click Save to apply the filter.
  8. Click Settings > Set the list to trigger when it reaches a specific size:
    • Turn on the setting for list size notifications.
    • Enter a number slightly below your marketing contact limit. For example, if your limit is 16,000 contacts, enter 15,800. This buffer gives you time to manage your contacts before reaching the limit.
    • Choose users to notify when the list reaches the specified size.

By following these steps, you'll have an active list in HubSpot that alerts you when you're nearing your marketing contact limit. This proactive measure allows you to manage your contact list efficiently, ensuring you stay within your limits and avoid any disruption to your marketing campaigns.

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Author: Bridget Pyne 

Marketing Manager