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HubSpot reporting: Building a HubSpot adoption dashboard

You've got HubSpot, but people aren't using it. Adoption is a key challenge faced by our customers, so I've come up with a HubSpot adoption dashboard to monitor usage and support a successful HubSpot adoption strategy.

In the video you'll get a run-down of each report on the dashboard which is split into different sections which i've detailed further down this post.

Activity metrics:

This section gives an overview of the teams activity metrics - a low level of activities being logged implies:

  • The team are not using HubSpot regularly
  • The team have not correctly integrated their email and calendar
All users from Sales, Marketing and Service should be logging activities such as emails, calls and meetings every day unless they are on holiday.

User logins:

This section allows you to review team members that are logging in to HubSpot each day. You can also use this data to calculate Daily Active Users & Monthly Active Users.
All users from Sales, Marketing and Service should be logging in every day unless they are on holiday.
Training Record & HubSpot Academy Courses:
This section allows you to track:
  • Your teams training - which training have they done
  • Your teams HubSpot Academy Certifications
Users from sales should have taken basic and intermediate training and have embarked upon the HubSpot Sales Software certification.
Data health
This section allows you to review key datapoints as defined during the scoping process. If people are following the processes you've set out for the CRM, the numbers in the reports should be in the range of zero to ten. Higher numbers indicate missing or incorrect data, which indicates people are not following the correct processes and this should be investigated immediately.
User feedback
This section shows the results of the monthly user feedback survey. Scores lower than 7 should be investigated.

meet the team - Chris

Author: Chris Grant

Sales Service and CRM Implementation Consultant