HubSpot Sales: How to create competitor battle card playbooks

Use competitor playbooks to provide quick information during conversations with prospects

With HubSpot's playbooks, your team will have interactive content cards in contact, company, deal, and ticket records. For this example, imagine your prospect is considering a competitor and you quickly need information to win them over to your product instead. With competitor battle card playbooks you can have just that.

competitor battle card playbooks
  1. Identify your competitors and research their strengths, weaknesses, product offerings, reviews, price etc
  2. Create your playbook by clicking on Sales > Playbooks > Create playbooks > Start from scratch
  3. Include a brief overview of your competitor so at a glance you can remember what they do
  4. Include a section on strengths and weaknesses
  5. Include reviews you can quickly reference which are poor or lowoverview of your competitor
  6. Include a section on objection handling to help your sales team win over their prospect. Including:
    1. Quality comparison
    2. Customer service
    3. Product features
    4. Price
  7. Add in a question at the end for your sales team to fill out once they've used the playbook to ensure information is kept up to date. We recommend asking "Did any objections come up that weren't featured in this playbook".
  8. Publish and keep up to date


Author: Bridget Reid 

Principal Marketer