How to use HubSpot's Podcast Feature

Learn how to effortlessly launch, manage, and share podcasts to captivate your audience

HubSpot just got even more powerful for reaching your audience! We're thrilled to announce the launch of their all-new podcasting feature. This exciting addition lets you create, manage, and share captivating audio content directly within your HubSpot platform.

Let's dive into how to effortlessly launch, manage, and share your podcast with the guide below.

1. Set Up Podcast Permissions:

Before diving in, ensure only authorised users can create and manage podcasts. 

  • Click the settings icon in the top navigation bar.
  • Go to Users & Teams > Edit permissions.
  • Search for Podcasts permissions and toggle them on/off.

With permissions under control, you can confidently move on to crafting your audio content.

2. Create a New Podcast:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Website > Podcast.
  • Click "Set up a podcast show" or "+ Add a podcast show."
  • Fill in show details.
  • Click "Create show."

Top tip: Don't forget to upload some eye-catching artwork and introduce your podcast host (with a bio and photo!).

3. Create a New Podcast Episode:

With your podcast show set up, it's time to create engaging episodes!

  • Navigate to Marketing > Website > Podcast.
  • Select a podcast from the dropdown.
  • Click "Create episode."
  • Choose an audio source: upload existing audio or generate AI audio.
  • Fill in episode details like title, show notes, artwork, and transcript.
  • Hit "Publish" and share your insights with the world!

4. Share Your Podcast:

Extend the reach of your podcast by embedding it directly on your HubSpot pages.

  • Embed the podcast module on your HubSpot page.
  • Navigate to Content > [Website Pages/Landing Pages/Blog].
  • Click "Edit" on the desired page or post.
  • Add the "Podcast episode" module and select an episode.
  • Click "Publish" or "Update" to go live.

That's it! You're now ready to engage your audience with captivating audio content using HubSpot's podcast feature.



Author: Bridget Pyne

Digital Marketing Manager