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HubSpot Reports: Build a dashboard to drive sales and marketing alignment

Sales and Marketing Alignment is Tough! Find out how we used HubSpot Reports to keep track of key metrics and align sales and marketing.

In some companies, Sales and Marketing are two distinctly separate functions: Marketing generate leads and sales ignore them. 

Others pay lip service to the concept, they have an agreement in place, but no one really pays attention to it and Marketing leads are largely ignored. 

Companies that want to build a predictable revenue model have an SLA in place, hold regular "schmarketing" meetings and make changes based on the data they can see. But it's often very tricky to see what's actually happening....

We built a dashboard to keep track of the key metrics 

The key metrics in a Sales & Marketing SLA are:

  • Number of leads generated
  • Average lead response time
  • Lead to Opportunity conversion rate 
  • Opportunity to Customer conversion rate
  • Average Sales value

Using the HubSpot Reporting tools, we dived into the data to see if we could expose what was actually happening. The video below is a four minute run through the dashboard we created:




Author: Chris Grant 

Sales Services and CRM Implementation Consultant