HubSpot Data Management: How to use an active list and list performance reports to monitor data quality in your portal

Your CRM data needs to be reliable, for you to trust in the data-driven decisions being made to drive your business growth. Here's how to monitor data quality changes in your HubSpot portal.

This HubSpot Hack is something of a 'Part 2' to this HubSpot Hack - talking through how to set up BabelQuest's signature hack, a Data Quality Dashboard. So, be sure to check out 'Part 1' first!

Ok, so you've read 'HubSpot Data Management: Manage your database hygiene on one dashboard', and you've got your dashboard built out to show the gaps in the data points most important to your business processes. 

Reports showing records with gaps in key data points

Ideally, you've got 0's across the board BUT if you've haven't, how do you know your data quality is improving month on month? 

Step 1: Create an active list

For each of the key data points that your Data Quality Dashboard is tracking, create an active list to pull through any CRM records with a gap in that property - these will match the filter criteria used to build out the reports on your dashboard. 

Save all your Data Quality lists into a list folder to keep your lists tool clean and organised!

Step 2: View list performance reports to monitor your data quality

Periodically, navigate into each list and select the 'Performance' tab to view how the data quality has changed over time - ideally, the size of the list will have decreased as time goes on to show that your data gaps are being successfully plugged by your processes!

List performance report

If required, you can save these list performance reports directly to your Data Quality Dashboard to view alongside your other data quality reports

Save list report to dashboard

You can build out your active list criteria if you need to dig deeper in to your data quality issues - For example, filter by team, owner or source to better understand the route of your data quality process failures

Hannah Fisher portraitAuthor: Hannah Fisher

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