HubSpot Data Management: Keep track of auto-added contacts

Understand and manage the contacts which are automatically added to your HubSpot portal to avoid creeping up those contact tiers unnecessarily.

There are various ways a contact may sneak their way into your database accidentally, and not all of them will warrant the hike in your contact tier. The procurement officer who needed to take a look at that sales document one time (“addViewer”), the external consultant who was cc’d on all emails but you never spoke with beyond that (“BCC_TO_CRM”, “SIDEKICK”, Email integration the sales person that keeps emailing your shared inbox (“addMessageUser”)… all taking up valuable space.

Create a simple list looking at specific terms in the original source drill-downs:

HubSpot Hack auto-added users

You’ll get an immediate view of those contacts and by playing around with your columns, you can start building up a good picture of who may need to be removed

HubSpot Hack auto-added users columns

    • Associated deals - are they actually involved in any sales conversations which haven’t just been disqualified?
    • Owner - contacts added from email will be auto-assigned to their owner so you could ask the more prolific adders to do a quick review and remove unnecessary contacts.
    • Are they missing other data? First name,
      associated company…


    Author: Gem Rugg-Gun

    HubSpot Platform Consultant and Team Lead