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Take control of your HubSpot portal

You've got HubSpot - but it isn't doing what you need it to, and you have no idea where to start to fix it. 

Our HubSpot Health Check service diagnoses the problems in your portal, and provides you with a PDF report containing specific actions to address them, as well as a session to go through it all with one of our Elite HubSpot Experts.

Unlock the potential of HubSpot

Not seeing the ROI you expected from HubSpot?

Got automation that is misfiring?

Can't trust your data?

Sales and marketing not aligned in HubSpot?

Struggling to convert website visitors?

Not getting enough visits to your website?

Portal settings need reviewing?

Sales tools not being used?

How it works

Choose your focus areas

There are 11 areas covered in the HubSpot health check, which you can take a look at below. You can choose the areas you would like us to focus on, and go a step further by choosing the level of detail you want us to go into.

Meet us & let us in

You'll be introduced to the Elite HubSpot expert assigned to your Health Check, and they will ask you for any extra information they need. We'll also need you to add your assigned expert to your HubSpot portal.

Receive your Health Check

We'll work towards completing your Health Check within two weeks of your purchase. You'll receive a detailed PDF document with analysis and recommendations to address problem areas, and a call with the expert assigned to your HubSpot Health Check.

Find out how much it'll cost.

Use our HubSpot Health Check calculator to build your Health Check and find out how much it'll cost upfront.


Which areas can be covered in the HubSpot Health Check?

This is included in each HubSpot Health Check as standard. We'll ensure all your account defaults are set up correctly, review users and teams, check that all possible tracking codes are present and correct, make sure your portal is secure and make sure that all your inboxes are set up correctly.

General: We'll perform a basic data hygiene checkup, review your property setups and how you are using lifecycle stages. You'll receive recommendations that will help you to clean your data in HubSpot.

Deep dive: We'll do everything in the basic checkup, but look further into the formatting of your data - with special attention to how you are gathering it. We'll equip you with recommendations for what you need to be able to manage your data effectively in the long-term.

General: We'll look at your workflows, tell you which are redundant and how to organise them so you can manage them properly. We'll look at your key workflows and ensure they are aligned with best practice.

Deep-dive: We'll review three of your key workflows and do a thorough diagnostic check, identifying any potential issues and give you recommendations to streamline. We'll also make personalised suggestions of workflows that you could implement in your business, with best practice examples.

General: We'll look over your reports and dashboards and suggest areas to streamline. We'll also suggest key reports that could be set up to optimise the way you use HubSpot across teams.

Deep-dive: Reporting gets very complex, so we only offer a deep-dive into reporting as a Technical Project.

General: We'll review your key forms and use of pop-ups, and suggest changes to improve conversion rates based on best practice. You'll also get a thorough analysis of your landing page template, with clear guidance on how it can be improved to convert more visitors.

Deep-dive: We'll review your use of CTAs, including language used and placement across your website. We'll also look at the proportion of top and bottom of the funnel offers, and make suggestions to ensure the most effective balance. You'll also receive suggestions of new conversion points you could consider.

General: We'll review your email performance, compare them to industry benchmark figures, and highlight where you can make changes to improve your results. We'll also have a look at whether you are utilising all of HubSpot's email marketing capabilities, like A/B testing, smart content and personalisation. Where you aren't, we'll give you recommendations on how it could be included in your email marketing strategy.

Deep-dive: We'll look at how you are using email in HubSpot to nurture your contacts to get them sales-ready, and give you tailored advice on what you should have set up. We'll also look at your regular newsletter or email broadcast template and ensure you are set up for maximum performance. 

General: We'll analyse your social media performance and provide recommendations which will see your social metrics grow in HubSpot. We'll also give you ideas on how you can use HubSpot to boost employee engagement with your social media posts.

Deep-dive: Not available for social media.

General: We'll look at performance across your channels for both traffic and conversions, and provide recommendations on how to optimise both. We'll also compare your performance against industry benchmark figures, and where your metrics fall short, provide advice which will help you to exceed them.

Deep-dive: Not available for website traffic.

General: Not available for Sales and Marketing alignment.

Deep-dive: We'll assess if your HubSpot portal has the right things in place for a productive relationship between sales and marketing. This will include looking at the feedback loops you have in place, your lead scoring framework, if you have key reports set up and your method of setting lifecycle stages. In all of these areas, we will provide personalised best-practice recommendations on how your business can be using HubSpot to align your Sales and Marketing teams.

General: We'll look at your usage of all the sales tools, including tasks, playbooks, meetings, quotes and target accounts, and ensure you are using the full capabilities of each.

Deep-dive: We'll analyse two of your most-used sales sequences and provide you with personalised actions to optimise based on best practice. We'll also review your sales pipeline setup, and give you advice on how to streamline it to make your sales process in HubSpot more effective and efficient. 

General: Check if you are using all the of the customer service features available to you in HubSpot, which might include chatbots, live chats, tickets, customer portals and membership portals, depending on your subscription. We'll provide you with insight into how they will best work for your business if you're using them already, and if you are, clear steps on how to optimise them for the best possible customer experience.

Why trust us with your portal?

We've done this before. Hundreds of times.

You think your portal is a mess? Trust us when we say we've seen it all. We've dived into hundreds of HubSpot portals over the years. We know exactly where to look to diagnose every issue, and just the remedy to suggest to make it better.

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Our clients are pretty happy with our work

I just had to write this review to thank Bridget for all her hard work and attention to detail. She has been most helpful and has always been on hand to speak to and resolve any problems we may of had.

Julie Oldroyd

Sales & Marketing Director, Mixamate

Babelquest has provided a fantastic service for us. In particular creating video content for our website. They are always super helpful and always available. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for them. Keep up the good work!

Adem Kubilay

Project Manager, Westminster Commercial Waste Services

Babelquest has been a real asset in creating a comprehensive inbound program for us. They are always on hand to assist with sound advice. Bridget was a key member of the team, and always went above and beyond to help, as did the rest of the team!

Gemma Morgan

Marketing Specialist, Proxima

Babelquest have taken us from zero to a full inbound programme. Offering great service and good advice throughout. Particularly stand out is Bridget who feels like one of our in house team members.

Jo Scott

Global Marketing Director, Proxima

I thought it would be fair to take a few minutes to feedback on my recent experience with Babelquest. Since we started working with Gem, it has been a bless and it has reminded me why I have decided to choose Babelquest in the first instance for HubSpot ...

Larisa Lucaciu

Consultant, 4D