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At BabelQuest we are passionate about using our inbound sales and marketing services to help our clients grow. But we also love to inspire others to take an inbound approach in their own businesses.

We appreciate that booking a keynote speaker for any event can be a risk, and that a great speech can be the difference between a good event and an event that continues to enlighten and inspire your audience, long after the day has finished.  


Eric consistently delivers passionate and engaging speeches across a wide range of industries. Specialising in sales and marketing alignment, Eric encourages these departments to work together to achieve a common goal.

During every keynote speech, delegates are given actionable steps and new ideas that they can take away and implement in their own businesses.


Meet Eric Murphy
Founder, BabelQuest


Eric co-founded BabelQuest back in 2010 with his wife, Becky, and since then, has developed his own unique approach to sales and marketing, inspired by the inbound methodology.

A big fan of Douglas Adams' 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy', Eric strives to inspire business owners, marketers and salespeople to lead their companies out of the ‘great din of voices’ on the internet and towards the ultimate goal of predictable and scalable business growth.

He is passionate about aligning Sales and Marketing in order to help businesses grow and prosper with a new 21st-century buyer-seller relationship and has limitless experience of helping Sales and Marketing to get along (which is not an easy task).




Eric Murphy marketing and sales speaker

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