Sales Manager

As a Sales Manager at BabelQuest, you’ll lead our sales team to hit the new business revenue number and continuously improve sales operations. You’re the type of person that can take their head out of the day-to-day, sometimes chaotic world of sales to ask the question ‘how can we do it better?’. You’ll seek the answer to that question in the data. You’ll be the person who dives into the numbers, creates the reports and collects the insight which shapes how we approach sales.

You’ll lead, sell and learn:

You’ll not only lead the team to meet their sales targets; you’ll have your own too. You’ll need to balance long-term strategic sales planning with short-term, fast-paced sales tactics to hit your numbers. You’ll learn along the way. For this role, that means getting close to buyer’s requirements, understanding what makes them move, improving how we qualify deals and how we win them. And when we win, you’ll celebrate whilst you look to put your finger on exactly what made that happen. If we lose, you’ll unpick the reasons why and use that to improve the sales process.

This job’s for you if:

You genuinely believe in solving for the customer. You ask questions, and look to find solutions that solve their challenges. You’re organised, with a head for numbers and processes. You’re incredibly driven, you love to win and get a buzz from closing a sale. You want to be the best at what you do, and lead your team to get the best from them, too.

You’ll be free to work your way 

Work flexible hours at home and at the office (for all the life moments that don’t fall on weekends). You’ll get half a day each week to level up your skills and £650 a year to spend on your mental wellbeing. After five years, you’ll get a month-long, paid sabbatical.   

Of over 6,000 HubSpot partner companies, there are fewer than 40 with Elite partner status. You’d be joining one of them. 

Salary: £45k + performance related, per year   

What’s it like to work at BabelQuest? 

Check out our culture handbook. It’s a high-flyer’s guide to our galaxy, written by our culture manager. Or read more about us here.    


My name is Amanda and I’m the People & Culture Manager here at BabelQuest.

Drop me a message on LinkedIn if you have any questions about this role!


Amanda Marks

People & Culture Manager

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