Francesca Massam

Copywriter at BabelQuest

A bit about me

Combining my marketing background and passion for wordplay, I am fascinated by understanding people and behaviours and using this to craft compelling, story-driven content for clients.

Working in marketing for a global EdTech firm exposed me to a range of inbound and outbound activities, where it cemented my passion for content creation and honed my skills in turning technical terms into digestible content for audiences. 

I’m looking forward to evolving my storytelling at BQ amongst emerging technologies, and working with clients to achieve their ambitions for content.

About my role

As a copywriter, I’m fortunate to be working with clients in a range of industries. Some of my usual tasks include:

  • Working closely with clients to grasp their product or service and collaborating towards their ambitions for content
  • Developing personas and messaging frameworks that are strategically aligned with the business
  • Creating short and long form content from website copy to articles and case studies.

My HubSpot Credentials and Certifications

Take a look at my HubSpotConnect page to view my certifications.

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What I love about BabelQuest

The first thing I noticed at BabelQuest was the culture that they have curated and continue to nurture every day. 

Stepping into the office, there is such a positive atmosphere and this instantly sets you up for the day. Within my role, I feel empowered to not just do my work, but to question the way things are done and know that my suggestions will be heard. I find the consistent recognition of achievements really rewarding and helps to bring the team together. 

There is a culture of learning that extends beyond my role working with colleagues and clients to dedicated time for professional development to enrich my knowledge base and bring expertise and fresh ideas to the table.