Say Hello to: Francesca Massam

Hi, I’m Francesca Massam and I join the Agency team as a copywriter where I will be drawing on my marketing background and passion for wordplay to craft compelling, story-driven content for clients.

Before BabelQuest, I worked in marketing for a global EdTech firm where I was responsible for a range of inbound and outbound activities which enabled me to identify my passion for content creation and hone my skills in transforming technical information into digestible, engaging content for a variety of audiences.


What’s the role?

As a copywriter, I’m fortunate to be working with clients in a range of industries. I’m passionate about understanding people and their behaviours, which helps me to create captivating content for clients’ target audiences. 

A typical day in the life ranges from working closely with clients to grasp their product or service and collaborating towards their ambitions for content, developing personas and messaging frameworks that are strategically aligned, and creating short and long form content from website copy to articles and case studies. 


What am I looking forward to?

Longer pieces of copy often involve an interview process with the client for a thorough content creation process. As someone who conducted over four hours of interviews for my university dissertation and transcribed around 100,000 words (and enjoyed it!), I'm excited to have the opportunity to carry out an investigative approach to content to gain a deeper understanding of client offerings.

I’m also looking forward to discovering and developing my individual style of writing to evolve my personal brand tone and voice alongside client work.


Outside of work, I like...

Outside of work, I love going to the gym and being out with friends, but am also a sucker for a cosy night in with some comfort food and bad TV.

A keen (and slightly rogue!) interest of mine that might be surprising is a passion for the UFC - primarily as a world-class entertaining sport but also with admiration for the athletes’ dedication to the mental and physical challenges inherent to the game and their intellectual capacity and skill to gain technical advantages in a high pressure environment.

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