Vaughn Armstrong

Vaughn Armstrong is a Director at BabelQuest, an Elite-tier UK HubSpot Solutions Partner.


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Vaughn’s Sabbatical - What is it all about?

As companies face up to a changed world living with COVID, we’ve found ourselves with hybrid workforce who spend far less time in offices, working together with colleagues. By nature, that means we’ve had to look at new practices and incentives to create a stronger bond between employees and the company we work for. We want to build top-performing teams but more importantly, we want to keep them together for a long time!

BabelQuest reviewed how other companies were achieving this including our closest partner, HubSpot - which is well known for its incentive schemes. One idea we’ve chosen to implement is a month-long sabbatical for those who have worked for us for five years. And to distinguish it from ‘unpaid leave’, we’ve chosen to not only pay the salary but make a contribution towards doing some activities during the sabbatical that will make it an enjoyable time.

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