7 Frequently Asked HubSpot Onboarding Questions Answered

Discover the answers to seven of our most frequently asked HubSpot onboarding questions. 

If you’re considering BabelQuest for your HubSpot onboarding, you’ll almost certainly have questions.

What can we offer in the way of onboarding services? How much do our different onboarding services cost and what can you expect to receive in return for your investment?

In this FAQ-type article, we answer seven of the most frequently asked questions we get from prospects considering BabelQuest for their HubSpot onboarding. Let’s go:


FAQ: Your HubSpot onboarding questions answered

1. What types of HubSpot onboarding services do you offer?

We offer three distinct onboarding services here at BabelQuest: Basic, Enhanced and Elite.

Our Basic package is essentially technical HubSpot onboarding and draws the line at the technical setup of your platform. Typically, this involves connecting HubSpot to your domain records and getting the platform operational.

Our Enhanced package goes several steps further with strategic consulting sessions, a personalised success plan and designed templates for Marketing Hub customers. This package means that your portal will be campaign-ready, and you’ll have a clear understanding of how your business should be using HubSpot’s extensive capabilities to meet your goals.

The Elite package builds on the Enhanced package with added strategic consulting sessions, workshops, training and professional service days. This is the package to choose if you want to guarantee ROI on your HubSpot purchase. You might want help in anything from designing marketing automation frameworks and optimising your sales process to migrating data from other platforms or building your knowledge base, for example.

All of our packages are available across all Hub levels.

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2. How does BabelQuest’s onboarding compare to HubSpot’s?

HubSpot’s onboarding service is highly templated. It has to be, in order to guarantee a standardised level of service on a global scale. Choose HubSpot and you’ll receive the same tried-and-tested onboarding experience as any other customer choosing to go direct.

At BabelQuest, we’re able to spend time with you at the beginning of the onboarding process to understand your priorities and match your onboarding to those needs. We can offer a more individual experience, tailored to your particular requirements. 

It’s also worth mentioning that our onboarding is carried out by individuals who’ve spent far more time in HubSpot than many of the HubSpot onboarders themselves. Many of our team have been working with the platform for several years, not to speak of our specialist Expert Practices team, offering hands-on experience and insights across multiple Hubs and tiers.

Learn more about unlocking the HubSpot expertise of our Expert Practices team.

3. How much does HubSpot onboarding with BabelQuest cost?

Our HubSpot onboarding costs vary depending on which package you choose — Basic, Enhanced or Elite.

Visit this page for a full breakdown of our onboarding packages and their costs.

4. How quickly can BabelQuest onboard us onto HubSpot?

As you can imagine, there’s often a waiting list — sometimes of up to a month — when choosing to onboard with HubSpot directly. Onboarding with HubSpot can then run for up to three months while your portal is set up and the templates and designs are created.

We get most of our customers started in around 1-2 weeks, making us a more suitable option if speed or urgency is one of your priorities.

After the kick-off call, if you can gather all of the information that’s needed and have the resources ready to go, then we can usually deliver our technical HubSpot onboarding in less than a week

Enhanced and Elite onboarding can take a little longer, as they include strategic consulting, workshops or training which need to be scheduled in with our team and yours.

5. If I choose to onboard HubSpot with BabelQuest, what happens once onboarding is complete?

Our partnership doesn’t have to end when your onboarding is complete. We offer a variety of different services, from single-day support packages with one of our HubSpot specialists to long-term marketing service retainers provided by our Client Delivery team. 

Check out our case studies for examples of how we’ve helped our clients to unlock the full potential of HubSpot, generate leads that close and grow their businesses. 

6. If I choose to onboard with BabelQuest, will you deal with HubSpot for us?

Whether you’re new to HubSpot or you’re an existing customer investing in a new Hub, come to us first. We’ll be able to help you find the best deal for your requirements, we can make sure you’re only buying what you need, and of course, we’ll deliver your onboarding.

Learn more about why you should speak with a Solutions Partner before hitting up HubSpot directly.

7. Who do I get in touch with to talk to BabelQuest about HubSpot onboarding?

Our business development team would be happy to help. As an Elite-tier HubSpot solutions partner, there isn't much HubSpot-related that we won't be able to support you with.

Book a call with the team at a time that suits and we'll be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Got a HubSpot onboarding question we haven’t answered or want to find out more about our onboarding services? Check out this page for more information or to get in touch. 

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