Securing a HubSpot Expert for Your Team this Year

What if you had the same HubSpot Support person all year? HubSpot has an amazing support service, but there is more to gain from having a dedicated person.

Whilst I maintain that HubSpot is one of the most intuitive platforms I’ve used in my marketing and business development career, it is also a huge platform — especially if you’re investing in all its components. So believe me when I say it’s only normal that there are times when you think, “how do I do this?” or “what’s the best way to achieve this?” or even “how can this new HubSpot feature work for me?”. 

Now, HubSpot itself has an amazing support service, accessible by phone, email and chat, but if you use it, you’ll know there are a couple of ‘inevitables’ you’ll meet:

  1. You’ll probably have never talked to the support person before.
  2. They won’t know you personally from the other 100,000 accounts that HubSpot has.

You may also find that, especially if you’ve been with HubSpot a while, you get a support person who has less knowledge than you — and whilst they’ll be extremely helpful, it may take a little longer to get your question answered. 

All of the above means that you’ll have to spend a little time running through some background and context about your issue with their support, as they won’t know what your business does, how much you know about HubSpot or how your HubSpot account is set up.

What if, instead, you had the same HubSpot Support person all year?

We think there are some real efficiencies and benefits to be gained from having the same HubSpot expert all year round.

As a leading UK HubSpot Solutions partner, this approach fits with our aim to deliver the services that HubSpot users are looking for. Whilst many choose to use us for full retainer services — where we provide marketing and sales experience on top of HubSpot — we’ve recognised there are companies who have great marketing and sales talent but need help with unlocking the full potential of HubSpot.

For those teams, we’ve created a set of support services that link up an Elite-tier BabelQuest HubSpot expert with your team over the course of a year.

“Working with BabelQuest and implementing HubSpot has been instrumental in achieving our business objectives and transforming our approach to social media and lead generation. We’re excited to see how we’ll continue to develop our Digital Strategy together and adapt to today’s ever-shifting environment and challenges.” Panos Anagnostopoulos, Group Marketing Manager, Logicalis

What will you get from BabelQuest’s HubSpot Support Service?

  • You get access to someone who works with HubSpot every day across a whole range of clients.
  • They’ll get to know you and your HubSpot portal inside out and will help you with all things HubSpot.
  • You’ll have five sessions per month with your support person.
  • You’ll also be offered a quarterly portal audit to see how you are progressing at the top level.

What are the 3 versions of the HubSpot Support Services?

We offer three versions of the Support Services to match your level of experience. 

Standard £900pm — this is aimed at teams who are either new to HubSpot or where the experience is spread across many people, so there is no ‘subject expert’ in place. Having five sessions per month will encourage you to unlock the potential of HubSpot to the benefit of your organisation. Your support person will reside in the Agency team. 

Advanced £1,440pm — for users and teams that have been with HubSpot for a while and are keen to get the full potential of all its portals, the advanced option is for you. Expect more ‘best practice’ conversations as you use more functionality within the platform. Your support person will reside in the Expert Practices team. 

Expert Practices Bespoke Support £POA — if you're approaching a major HubSpot-based project, for example, onboarding for a complex organisation, configuring your CRM, introducing new portals or looking at integrations to and from HubSpot, then this is your service. Here we quote against each project for our support service, and the Expert Practices team will support you. 

How do I get my HubSpot Expert?

Here’s a link to our Support Services enquiry page where you can let us know what kind of support you are looking for.

We’ll set up a discovery call with you to check that we’re aligned, and the next step is being introduced to your new HubSpot Support person, whom we trust you’ll soon see as an integral part of your team. 

To find out more about our HubSpot Support Package and how you'll benefit, click the image below:

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