Meet the Team: Jasmine Ojbro

I'm Jasmine and I'm joining BabelQuest as a Senior Inbound Marketer.


I’ve worked hands on with inbound marketing and HubSpot since early 2017. My time with inbound has been split between working for marketing departments for various SaaS-companies and as an Inbound Marketing Consultant for a full-service marketing agency. 

Thanks to my background I have plenty of experience with most facets of the inbound experience with everything from content creation to strategy, portal setup and lead nurturing.


What’s the role?

As a Senior Inbound Marketer I will execute our clients’ inbound marketing plans, coach them on best practices and be a bridge between planning and implementation.

In simpler terms, without all the well-worded fluff, I do any HubSpot-related task with a smile while building on my experience in long-term strategy planning.

What am I looking forward to?

Learning from my colleagues with their breadth of knowledge and experience and being pushed to hone my marketing skills further through interaction with clients and their needs.

Outside of work, I like...

Crocheting, listening to audio dramas, reading and burying myself in whatever recent hobby I’m obsessing with.

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Jasmine Ojbro
About the Author
Jasmine joined BabelQuest in October of 2020 as a Senior Inbound Marketer. Her specialities are making sense of complex processes and getting things done.