Integrating HubSpot and Salesforce for a Cyber-resilience Firm

BabelQuest helps ISTARI to join the dots between HubSpot and Salesforce to form an integrated system that will scale with the firm as it grows.

ISTARI is a new kind of cyber risk management firm existing to help companies build cyber resilience. It achieves this through its holistic approach delivered by an agile team of experts capable of adapting their capabilities in response to the ever-shifting cyber risk landscape.

The team approached BabelQuest to help them set up and onboard Marketing Hub Enterprise and integrate it with Salesforce, connecting both of ISTARI’s core systems and providing a single, solid platform from which the firm can continue to scale and grow.

Rossa Shanks, CMO at ISTARI, says: “We knew whichever marketing platform we chose had to integrate with Salesforce, the platform our sales team currently uses, to enable us to deliver the kind of connected marketing experience we want for our target audience. Marketing Hub Enterprise could give us all the functionality we needed, and BabelQuest came highly recommended as the partner to manage our integration and onboarding.”

The Marketing team ISTARI will be working with our Expert Practices team, who are all experienced at setting up Enterprise-level accounts with complex data requirements and integrating them with third-party platforms.

Gem Rugg-Gunn, HubSpot platform consultant here at BabelQuest, says: “A more connected future requires a more connected response. HubSpot’s ease of use, its fantastic analytics capabilities and the natural way in which it integrates with Salesforce make it the perfect platform from which ISTARI can manage everything in one place and grow.”

Are you struggling to join the dots between HubSpot and your wider tech stack? We’d be more than happy to help you integrate your systems with HubSpot — just get in touch.


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