Say Hello to: Scott Lithgow

Hi, I’m Scott Lithgow and I am a front-end developer at BabelQuest.

I have always had a passion for programming - especially when it comes to user focussed, accessible, high performance websites that optimise usability. I enjoy building new functionalities, upgrading existing ones and relish seeing the impact this can have on our clients and the end customers' user experience.


What’s the role?

As a front-end developer at BabelQuest it is my responsibility to bring to life the vision of our clients, while working in tandem with our U/I and U/X designer to ensure that user experience and accessibility is always at the forefront of our design and implementation process.


What am I looking forward to?

I am most excited about the prospect of utilising HubSpot’s advanced platform to deliver sleek, optimised and high performance designs to our clients. I am also looking forward to honing my HubSpot skills by joining an Elite HubSpot partner. 


Outside of work, I like...

I am always looking to learn new technologies, and refine my mastery of the ones I already know. When I am not at the computer you can find me either at the gym, as an avid amateur powerlifter, or reading a new book. At the moment making my way through Brandon Sanderson’s epic Cosmere collection of Stories.


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