The robots haven’t taken over just yet, but they are well on their way. How are sales chatbots transforming the sales process and where are the quick wins?

The Challenge 

Like so many new businesses they had set up a website and were using the HubSpot CRM as part of the growth suite but had limited extra marketing budget until they could prove that such an investment would work.

The problem was, whilst they were generating some leads through their network and partnerships, a significant number of prospects were getting through their sales process but failing to commit at the last moment. They needed to understand why those deals weren’t closing and stop it happening, so that marketing efforts wouldn’t be generating leads that slipped through the net.

In an industry full of options, the team at Trend Scout knew that the way people buy has changed. To succeed with their ambitious business goals they had to fully understand their prospect's needs and help them to make informed decisions about investment.

Using our experience of helping businesses to optimise their sales process and understand their buyers, we knew this problem wasn’t insurmountable.


Getting to the root of the issue

The first step was understanding the real root of this problem with closing deals, so that we could work with Trend Scout to optimise that process.

We ran a full day workshop, but knowing that the true insight would come from using the rich data from HubSpot effectively, we split this into two parts - a deep-dive look at how they were currently doing things and then a practical session to start surfacing some of the data that would help us take a closer look.

Building out a deal pipeline with the stages of their current sales process helped to identify the point at which prospects fell away. We also trained the team on the Sales Professional tools so that they could start harnessing the power of templates, sequences and call recording.

The investigation continued after that initial workshop as the optimisation of HubSpot helped us to analyse what the sales team were doing day-to-day. Recording outbound sales calls and cross-analysing between those that succeeded and failed helped to identify areas for improvement, whilst moving existing sales emails to templates and sequences would show email performance and whether that was corresponding with a progressing sales pipeline.

We knew that the best way we could really help would be to really get our heads into the way Trend Scout’s sales team were working. Our solution? We conducted mystery shopper sales calls! Being able to test them and provide actionable feedback that they could review with the recorded call proved invaluable.

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