Celebrating our 10th Birthday

This March, we’re celebrating ten years of enabling organisations just like yours to grow revenue, build customer relationships, and meet their business goals.

Over the years, our team has partnered with B2B organisations across a range of industries, helping them unlock the potential of their marketing, sales and services software. In this time, we’ve produced some pretty exciting work, from marketing that makes the most of the inbound methodology and sales strategies to support your team’s goals to high-performing content that ranks and tailored HubSpot solutions.

Now, to celebrate a decade of BabelQuest, we’re looking back on what have been the key elements to our ongoing success.

Listening to an evolving market

Over the years, co-founders Eric Murphy and Becky Murphy have followed the evolving challenges business leaders face in attracting, engaging and retaining clients and worked to adapt to these changing needs accordingly.

When the demand for content soared in 2017, we took steps to ensure we were in the best possible position to service these requirements. This included pulling Content into its own department within the company and bringing in Dr Thomas Brown to lead our Content services. Since then, we have enabled scores of organisations to tell real stories, win new customers, and build their brand through engaging content strategy and delivery.

“I think the team you’ve got together right now is very strong and very determined. We were very impressed with Lala and Alice and we went away so happy knowing that our content and our strategy is in safe hands.”

Mo Rassolli, Business Development Manager, TrendScout

In 2018, we experienced a growing demand for a breadth of digital services. To address this, we entered into conversations with another local HubSpot Solutions Partner, Toast Inbound, which in January 2019 culminated in a merger between our company and theirs. The coming together of BabelQuest and Toast Inbound solidified our UK presence while bringing a variety of new digital skills in-house, headed up by Director and Head of Marketing, Vaughn Armstrong.

Part of the reason Toast Inbound was split out of the Toast Design marketing agency in 2016 was to be open to strategic partnerships as a means of achieving continuous growth. In the merger with BabelQuest, we have found that perfect partnership with complementary skills, a broader client base and similar growth ambitions.

Vaughn Armstrong, Director and Head of Marketing

Most recently, we recognised an opportunity to enable B2B organisations with complex CRM requirements. After extensive market research, we developed a range of specialist solutions support brought together under a new department, Expert Practices. Joining our existing Marketing, Sales, and Content services, Expert Practices leverage the team’s specialist knowledge of HubSpot, data-driven technology, CRM, sales, and automation.

“We help businesses to get the most out of software which gives them insight into their clients, prospects and their sales and marketing activities — and it’s incredibly important to us that we practice what we preach. Looking at where the demand for our services was coming from, we recognised that we needed to adapt the structure of the business to best serve our clients.”

Becky Murphy, Managing Director and Head of Expert Practices

Prioritising our culture and wellbeing

When it comes to our team’s needs, cultivating a healthy and supportive internal culture has always been a priority. Alongside our core values, wellness has been a key focus at BabelQuest, playing a vital role in how we partner with our clients and the support we show our employees. 

With the launch of the Employee Forum earlier this year, and our new Wellness Champion this month, we’re taking positive steps to achieve what’s most important to our team. No business is perfect — we have lots of work to do and growth can be disruptive. But as we continue to grow, wellness will remain a core to our culture and values, and one of our biggest priorities.

“We made a very deliberate effort to not only set up core values and wellbeing policies, but to define and reward the behaviours associated with them so they didn’t just become words on the website, but a genuine part of how our business operates.” 

— Becky Murphy

Leading the way

Today, our reputation as a leading HubSpot Partner is stronger than ever. For the third year running, Becky has been selected to sit on HubSpot’s EMEA Partner Advisory Council (PAC), offering her expertise across client and partner experiences, and providing clients with a direct channel of communication within the HubSpot platform.

We’ve seen a lot over the past ten years. As we continue to evolve, we look forward to leading the way for innovation across sales, marketing and services, enabling organisations to achieve their business objectives and grow better.

Events will take place across Oxfordshire over spring and summer 2020, beginning 16 March.

For more information you can contact our Marketing Manager, Hollie Higa at hollie@babelquest.co.uk, or call our mainline on 01235 313555.

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