Helping Microgenetics Build a Website that Reflects their Brand

Microgenetics is at the forefront of products and technology that help fight the war against pathogens, but they need help creating a website that reflects their brand. 

Microbiological environmental monitoring got the innovative boost it needed in 2014, when Microgenetics formed out of its sister company, Bath ASU. This passionate team of innovators has created environmental monitoring software and rapid diagnostic tests to support the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

While their technology has potential game changing applications across these industries, Microgenetics knew they needed help to effectively display two of their key products – each with different audiences – on their website.

With BabelQuest’s help,  Microgenetics plans to build a new website in HubSpot CMS which speaks to all audiences, works more effectively on mobile, and provides users with an experience which is as great as the products they sell.  

We’re thrilled to be working with a company at the forefront of microbiological environmental monitoring and look forward to helping them become the leading software provider in their market. 

Sarah Long
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