How to Implement Inbound Marketing Without Redesigning Your Entire Website

We all know that the headache of launching a new website is huge. It's probably not even something you can think about right now.That doesn't mean you should ignore it. There are some changes you could make to your existing site that will increase the results that you need and want.

It begins with the question: 'what is the purpose of your website and why does it need changing?'

how to implement inbound marketing without redesigning your website

Consider these 8 questions before committing to changing your website:

1. How much content needs re-writing?

2. Are you considering rebranding?

3. Are you clear on your brand's unique value proposition?

4. What are visitors doing on your site now?

5. What action do you want your visitors to be taking?

6. What stops your website from being effective?

7. What role does your website have in your lead generation efforts?

8. What role does your website have in your lead nurturing efforts?

The thread running across all these questions is can you realistically afford to draw attention away from your online marketing efforts while you relaunch your site? And can you continue activity such as blogging and social sharing while re-creating content and re-designing the entire structure of your site? The answer is probably no.

Implementing an inbound sales and inbound marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily mean a complete re-design or relaunch of your entire site. How about starting with the inbound process and running it concurrently with your regular website updates?

One way of attracting more visitors from organic search is to increase your number of indexed site pages. You can do this effectively by increasing the frequency of your published articles, learning how to create topic clusters that actually boost your organic ranking, and creating landing pages with valuable offers (content), which you can promote using a social strategy.

You can include calls to action on your site to drive visitors along the buyer's journey and then you're in a position to nurture these visitors into becoming prospects and then customers.

Learn how to create custom graphics for your company website using Illustrator and Photoshop.

How to implement inbound marketing without redesigning your entire website

With your content creation uninterrupted, visitors can still get value from your site and move along the buyer's journey. Your website is an element of the machine that brings your online marketing together, it's not static and it doesn't stand alone.

This is the driving force behind HubSpot COS, offering a personalised experience that turns your website into a lead-generating machine over time, but you can still implement the same process even if you're not using the HubSpot platform..

Consider incremental design changes and content repurposing as part of your monthly goals. It can all form part of the inbound process. The best way of developing your website is by iteration — small measured improvements over time, ‘evolution not revolution’. 

The elephant in the room

The primary purpose of your website should be about capturing leads, otherwise why bother? If you make sure it plays properly with your inbound strategy, your site will become much more than just another online brochure.

Need to talk to someone about all of this? Our friendly inbound strategists are happy to talk. Tell them what's holding you back, and they'll give you some complimentary inbound tips and advice that you can take back to your own business.

No sales pitch, no commitment; they enjoy learning about other businesses and finding more ways to help.

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